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Application of Automatic Reciprocating Hydraulic Cylinder in Hydraulic High Pressure Pump

2020-07-25 09:03:22

1. Introduction

Nowadays, hydraulic systems are widely used in various machinery and equipment in various industries. As a transmission technology, the hydraulic method has the following advantages than the traditional mechanical method:

1. It can produce a lot of force and is easy to control;

2. Continuously variable speed in a wide range;

3. It is easy to prevent overload and has great safety;

4. Small size and large output, the installation position can be freely selected;

5. The control of output force is simple and accurate, and can be controlled remotely.

Although the hydraulic system has the above advantages, the automatic reciprocating problem of the system has not been effectively and reliably solved. In many equipment in many industries, such as mud pumps in geological drilling equipment, high-pressure pumps in seawater desalination equipment, and fire-fighting pumps for high-rise buildings, these equipment need to continuously output high-pressure and large-flow fluid media. Because there is no solution to hydraulic pressure The automatic reciprocating problem of the system still uses traditional mechanical methods, resulting in huge equipment, high energy consumption and low efficiency.


The "hydraulic automatic reciprocating cylinder" of this project is a national utility model patent, which successfully solved the automatic reciprocating problem of the hydraulic system, making it a reality for the above equipment to adopt hydraulic technology. This technology redesigns the oil cylinder, the main executive element in the hydraulic system, and assists with the external control valve to realize the automatic reciprocation of the oil cylinder, and is reliable in operation, simple in structure and low in cost.

Second, the scope of application

1. Hydraulic mud pump for geological drilling

The existing mud pump uses an electric motor to drive the crankshaft and connecting rod to push the piston to output mud. This kind of structure has been used for many years, and the technology is backward, making the mud pump bulky, the output mud pressure fluctuates, the flow is unstable, and the high power of the mud pump is restricted, the general pressure can only reach 3 to 4Mpa, and the flow is not easy to be large. The hydraulic mud pump manufactured by applying the patented technology has the volume of the mud pump only 1/2 to 1/3 of the existing mud pump under the same output power, and the energy consumption is about 80% of the existing mud pump. Although the manufacturing cost has increased slightly, the hydraulic mud pump has no power limitation in its design. The output pressure can reach dozens of Mpa, the flow can be expanded indefinitely, and the output pressure and flow are stable.

2. Hydraulic high pressure pump for seawater desalination

The use of reverse osmosis technology is a highly efficient and easy to use large-scale seawater desalination technology. It has broad application prospects in today's water shortage. The high-pressure pump is a key equipment in the application of reverse osmosis desalination technology. The existing high-pressure pump is basically a mechanical structure. Commonly used pump types are single-stage, high-speed centrifugal pumps, plunger pumps and multi-stage centrifugal pumps. Generally, single-stage centrifugal pumps have low efficiency and plunger pumps have high efficiency. Multi-stage centrifugal pumps are often used in large systems. In China, there is no manufacturer of high pressure pumps for desalination. The main reason is that in order to achieve higher efficiency of the high-pressure pump, some important parts must be processed with high precision, which requires very professional and expensive processing equipment and large processing costs. Therefore, the price of imported high-pressure pumps is very high.

Compared with mechanical high-pressure pumps and plunger pumps, hydraulic automatic reciprocating cylinder high-pressure pumps have greatly improved working efficiency, and high power is easy to achieve. Compared with imported similar products, the greater the power of the pump, the lower the production cost, and the greater the price drop.

3. High pressure cleaning equipment

4. High-rise building water supply (fire pump)


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