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Hydraulic parts will usher in new opportunities for development

2020-07-25 09:03:22

With the promulgation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Implementation Plan for the Revitalization of the Mechanical Basic Parts Industry" and the establishment of the preparatory organization for the high-end hydraulic parts collaborative work platform for construction machinery at the end of last year, China has entered a substantive stage of special hard work on core parts of construction machinery such as hydraulic parts. Sha Baosen, chairman of the China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, said that changing the situation of hydraulic parts being constrained by others for a long time and realizing the simultaneous development of the main engine and supporting equipment will bring new development opportunities to the Chinese machinery industry.

The core components are controlled by others

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, Chinese companies have achieved a dominant position in the domestic market in almost all subdivisions of construction machinery. However, the lack of technologies for the three core components of hydraulic parts, engines, and electronic control systems has always restricted China's construction machinery industry. Step into the international market, and caused the long-term situation of China's construction machinery industry being large but not strong, making China's construction machinery industry more than 70% of the profits captured by foreign parts giants.

Shabaosen believes that imported parts and components not only account for a large proportion of the overall cost of construction machinery, but also the timely supply of these key components has seriously affected the normal production and operation activities of Chinese construction machinery enterprises.


Among the three core parts of construction machinery hydraulic parts, engines, and electronic control systems, hydraulic parts technology is a major bottleneck for the development of Chinese construction machinery enterprises. In terms of high-pressure and large-flow hydraulic devices for excavators, domestic excavator parts It is difficult to meet the supporting requirements of domestic excavator host companies, so a large number of core parts of excavators rely on imports, which also eats up most of the profits of my country's excavator industry.

China's domestically-made hydraulic parts are weak in technology, and are obviously at a disadvantage when competing with world-renowned brands. Therefore, in the domestic construction machinery industry, there is a saying that "the one who wins the casting gets the hydraulic pressure, the one who wins the hydraulic wins the world".

In the 1990s, XCMG took the route of "market for technology" and established an excavator joint venture company in Shandong with the American construction machinery giant Caterpillar. However, due to the slow technological digestion and innovation, it is difficult to make a big difference in hydraulic parts technology. Technological breakthrough. Therefore, XCMG hopes to achieve a technological breakthrough through mergers and acquisitions, and has successively acquired two European companies with core technologies for manufacturing high-end hydraulic parts.

At present, the global sales of hydraulic parts by the multinational giant German Rexroth exceed the total output value of China's hydraulic industry, highlighting the huge gap between China's hydraulic technology and foreign countries. In order to control the Chinese market, Rexroth's supply cycle to Chinese companies is 88 weeks, which means that Chinese companies now have to decide on the amount of hydraulic products purchased in 2013. In the case of great changes in the construction machinery industry market, such an overlord clause means that Chinese companies have to bear huge market risks. When the 2008 financial crisis caused the market to shrink, Rexroth required Chinese companies to take delivery within 4 months, and the deposit would not be refunded if the delivery was not overdue. When the supply of hydraulic products was insufficient, Rexroth unilaterally delayed delivery and decided on its own a small amount of compensation. This has led to the frustration of being "stuck" in the key components of China's construction machinery industry.

Industry alliance is the right way

Not only hydraulic components, bearings in high-speed rail equipment, high-end gear transmissions in the coal mining machinery industry, and car cover molds are heavily dependent on imports.

Since hydraulic parts, bearings, gears, molds, etc. are important parts in the equipment manufacturing industry, my country's dependence on imports of key basic parts has severely restricted Chinese construction machinery companies from vigorously exploring the international market. In the "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for Mechanical Basic Parts, Basic Manufacturing Processes and Basic Materials Industries" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last year, my country proposed that through five years of efforts, my country’s mechanical basic parts, basic manufacturing processes and basic materials industries (referred to as " "Three bases") innovation capabilities will be significantly enhanced, the processing and manufacturing level will be significantly improved, the development needs of major equipment can be basically met, and the situation of severe lagging industrial development will be improved. The international will increase support and guidance for existing industrial clusters such as bearings, gears, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, seals, chains and sprockets, fasteners, springs, molds, and basic materials, and cultivate a few advantageous enterprises.

Shabaosen said that in the past, my country's hydraulic parts industry has not accumulated enough technology to develop. Now in the field of hydraulic parts and liquid and gas tightness, investment in existing projects in my country is also more than 10 billion yuan, but the domestic liquid and gas tight industry is busy with products. Fighting in the low-end market, product homogeneity is difficult to pull off the level, need national policy guidance, host companies and domestic basic components companies form alliances, take the road of joint reorganization, scale can be effective.

If the basic component company participates in the mainframe product development process, fully understand the technical development requirements and process requirements of the mainframe. The host companies actively support domestic basic components and provide time, machines and venues for the life test of new products of basic companies. The two achieve in-depth cooperation in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to gain an advantage in the competition with foreign companies.


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