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Application of Hydraulic Cone Crusher in Stone Production Line

2019-05-22 11:40:18

In recent years, the transportation and road construction industry has developed faster and faster. Recently, the Ministry of Railways has raised 200 billion yuan to continue its efforts in railway construction. For road construction, choosing the right crusher and sand and gravel production line is very important. In the sand and gravel production line, in order to improve the production efficiency, it is often necessary to match the cone crusher; but the traditional cone crusher cannot meet the current contradiction between the supply and demand of sand and gravel.

In fact, cone crushers have been widely used in the sand and gravel industries such as mines and cement plants. They are used for medium and fine crushing of various mine rocks with a pressure below 350 MPa, such as iron ore, mining machinery ore, limestone, and sandstone. , Basalt, granite, pebbles, etc. Compared with other crushers, the hydraulic cone crusher has unparalleled advantages in the process of processing sand and gravel in the infrastructure construction.

First of all, the use of hydraulic transmission device and hydraulic starting device greatly increases the rotor speed and enhances the protection performance of the crusher; secondly, the use of hydraulic adjustment device greatly improves the degree of automation in adjustment and cavity cleaning; third, multiple The crushing cavity is suitable for a wide range of product particle size requirements; fourth, the hydraulic insurance system is convenient and reliable, and can provide safe and effective overload protection; finally, the structure is reasonable, the crushing principle and technical parameters are advanced, and it has a large sieving crushing force and high production efficiency Energy saving, environmental protection, low operating cost, high output, etc.

Simply put, the general process flow of the stone production line is: rough crushing by a primary crusher, a secondary crusher is selected according to the hardness and output of the stone, and finally processed by a sand making machine until the ideal stone particle is reached. Wet sand making also requires a sand washer to clean the sand and gravel materials by the beneficiation equipment manufacturer, and finally form clean and high-quality construction gravel materials. Of course, users can process them according to actual needs.

The general equipment of the stone production line is composed of jaw crusher and belt conveyor.



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